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Detailing, Valeting and Paint Correction

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Sixteen Detailing offers professional detailing across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire with an attention-to-detail and service that is second to non. Specialising in Car Detailing and Paint Correction; our passion is ensuring your car leaves us looking better than the day it was purchased.  We strive for first class results, whilst always exceeding expectations.



The Protection Detail is an exterior deep clean, aimed at bringing back the lustre whilst adding a long lasting layer of protection.

An intensive exterior deep clean that is suited to vehicles that have been regularly maintained and do not require any paint correction work.

Removing any surface contaminants, the paintwork will be nourished and lightly polished increasing the lustre. A single layer of protection will be used over the whole car including paintwork, trim and glass.


Designed to bring back the shine, without breaking the bank. An Enhancement detail are for cars that do not require full paint correction, but instead need a little refresh.

A two stage polish that will remove any light surface swirls/scratches, oxidation and marring and transform a car’s paint from dull, lifeless and hazy, to bold and bright with a deep shine and lustre.

Being our most popular detail, it is perfect for the enthusiast who wants their vehicle looking great all year round, as the process is designed to remove minimal paint, allowing it to be worked on annually. Our Enhancement detail is also popular with show car owners who want give their vehicle that edge over the rest of the field come show day.

The first stage of polishing will use a medium/strong compound (paint and condition dependent) paired with a cutting pad aimed to remove around 80% of surface defects. The second stage aims to refine the paint with a light compound and pad, leaving the much desired gloss and lustre only achieved by machine polishing.


Sixteen steps to detailing perfection. The Signature Sixteen is the ultimate package we offer, it combines a three to four stage paint correction, ultra durable Ceramic and Hydrophobic Coating, along with a complete interior valet, leather care and long lasting protection.

Every single detail on the car is cleaned and polished to perfection. The Signature Sixteen aims to leave a vehicle with flawless paint, along with protection that last 12 months minimal. The Signature Sixteen encapsulates the phrase “better than new”.

Combining major paint correction aiming to remove over 90% of paint defects, along with an interior valet, leather cleanse (where applicable), engine bay treatment, convertible roof clean and protection, it is finished with a highly durable Ceramic and Hydrophobic coating, giving over 3 years of protection.

The ultimate detail, for the ultimate enthusiast seeking pure perfection.


We’ve got your car looking better than new, but how do you maintain that protection and glossy, swirl free paintwork?

The answer is Sixteen Detailing’s Maintenance Services.

We go to great lengths during the detailing process to ensure your car looks better than new, and nothing beats seeing your car for the first time after any of our detail service’s. Couple that with ceramic protection, and the glossy swirl free paint will last years, not months.

Usually following a detail it is the owner’s responsibility to then maintain the car with regular washes, with the best of intensions this isn’t always possible. As a solution, at Sixteen Detailing we offer a Wash Maintenance plan, of which there are various levels to fit all budgets and requirements.

If you do prefer to maintain your car yourself, we do offer a Safe Wash Starter Kit, ensuring you use the best products and processes to safely wash your car.


We offer a full range of Van & Car Signage. From Van signwriting, to vehicle graphics. We can design, supply and fit graphics.


We offer a full range of additional services outside of Detailing. Over the years we have built up close relationships with trusted companies that allow us to expand our offerings; giving you a complete “turn key” service.

Wheel Refurbishment
Window Tinting
Paintless Dent Removal
General Bodywork
Interior Refurbishment/Leather Repair