About Us

Hello, we’re Auto Advisor


If you have ever used an Automotive company and felt either ripped off, or unimpressed by their substandard work, then you’re in the right place.

We provide detailed profiles on local, trustworthy companies you can rely on. Companies that you’ll receive a great professional service from and companies that care about their reputation.

What is Auto Advisor all about?

Well, our thinking is simple; when you receive a great service you enjoy giving praise and the company you used feels good receiving praise. You then tell your friends and family about it, who use the company themselves and go on to tell their friends and family.

The company receives more work and you feel good knowing that you’ve helped them receive this well deserved custom.

Auto Advisor simply gives you an online platform to find, review and share the great service and work you’ve received.

about auto advisor

At Auto Advisor we’re not into naming and shaming, it’s just not our style.

If a company receives negative reviews we work with both the customer and company to resolve the issues, helping both parties move forward.

If a company isn’t willing to work with the customer and us to resolve an issue, then we’ll assess whether Auto Advisor is the right place for them.

Better for everyone

We only list companies that care about their reputation and we want to provide customers a choice of the best, with companies battling it out for supremacy.

When a company is reviewed on Auto Advisor, its for all to see with no hiding. The good will continue to thrive and the bad will have the opportunity to improve.